Muse Fresco Production



Singers Wanted!

Upon launching this new production company, we are seeking great singers in all genres worldwide. For further details, go see "Singers Wanted" page.

2008/09/24    UPDATE: New submission method was added to "Singers Wanted" submission. Now it has "Alternative Electronic Submission".

Lyricists Wanted!

We also welcome great lyricists. Lyrics are the heart of songs. Great lyricists are hard to come by especially today! Are you a next Bernie Taupin or Ira Gershwin? We wish for an imaginative writer who can write lyrics with a story as vividly like a screenwriter. We consider the lyricist of music is a screenwriter of a-3-minute drama, or a poetic story-teller. Literature/Theater background like writing novels, stage plays, poems, screenplays, etc. is a huge plus. For further details, please go see "Lyricists Wanted" page.

Recording News

Now under production is our pop label Smash-ville's 1st CD. It's powerful new Dance music for the 21st century. Planned for release in 2009.

Singles are planned for release prior to the CD album release.