Muse Fresco Production


Here are some typical examples. There will be answers to most questions somewhere on our site. If you have other questions, please contact us by going to "Contact" page.

Q: [I want to be a recording artist (singer or instrumentalist or composer). Can I be one here?]

A: If you are serious and quite impressive, and if we get strongly interested in you as a label, and if you are willing to be published in one of our labels and agreed with us, Yes. It's possible. Firstly you need to send us your demo CD (or cassette tape). We will listen to any serious Demo CDs and tapes mailed. If we get interested, we will contact you. However usually initially you will be tried in session works. So please start by applying for a "Session Singer" job. You can attach some note describing your wishes like those to your demo package upon applying. For further details on how to send demos, please go see "Singers Wanted" page.

Q: [Although ultimately I want to be a recording artist, but I want to firstly start doing some session works as a session singer. Can I be one here?]

A: Absolutely, yes. That's a smart choice and matches our method because to be a great singer, you have to do many session works as well as many lives on stage. Your talent as a star will be tried on stage, and your talent as a musician will be tried in the recording studio. Even when you are a quite experienced fabulous singer, in order to work together, we need to take steps as a label all the same.

Now we are seeking session singers worldwide (because we are a starting recording company.) All genres are open and singers of all styles are welcome. Firstly please send us your demo CD (or cassette tape).

For further details on how to send demos, go see "Singers Wanted" page.