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About Us

This is a record production company built and owned by a composer/producer Jim M. Kojima. He has a classical background in his core and writes original Classical scores and Film Music scores, while he has written more than a thousand of popular music songs in almost all genres. He is a pianist but also plays synth, bass, guitars, drums and almost all instruments that he has written for.

Where are we making difference?

There is one thing that we are making difference. We are compulsively special about composition/song quality. We have set quite a high standard in the area. We actually don't follow any kind of trends to keep the high standards of composition/song quality. If the music has exceptional artistic contents and invention worth repetitive listening, we think that music is worth publishing for listeners' sake no matter how much out of the scope of general listeners at the time the music sounds . Our mission is to distribute only "Quality Music" or "Will-be Quality Music" to people ahead of time and not to distribute instant hit music with track records contents which are usually without notable contents. Also we don't publish experimental music. We consider experimental music is not a completed music. Experimental music must outgrow the process of experiment to become an independent musical work. When the experimental got mature, probably it would mingle with the other completed works worth publishing.

Each genre has its own rules.

We consider each genre has its own rules and ways of treatment. Classical music has its great foundation and its own technicality we should respect. Blues has its own history we should respect when we make Blues music. Black music or Soul music has its own beat and ways. Rock has its Rock attitude in how it make sounds. Jazz has its own chords and notes and that mood and has many styles inside Jazz music. We don't necessarily get caught up in genre bounds but neither mix up these things between each other. On each genre, we use a different part of mind and employ a different methodology.


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Muse Fresco Production
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